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Motivation to Keep Writing

a.k.a. the List of the Reasons Why I Write, as told by me through the course of a year.

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So back in February 2016, I read this Tor/Forge blog post which left me reeling for literally the rest of the year with a singular question. While writing this, I had to go back and actually read the post to recall what the erst of it was actually about. Even if I had forgotten the rest of the post, it says enough of asking the right questions to know that this one stayed with me the entire year, and had, unintentionally, begun to creep up at the end of a good handful of my posts throughout the year.

Why do I write? Continue reading


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She Writes

Blog Post #35

2016-12-19-16-45-46The writer sits in her pajamas before her laptop. The waste bins and laundry hamper over flow with rubbish and dirty clothes. Used dishes litter the kitchen counters. A recently delivered package sits unopened and alone in the middle of the living room floor. Sheets hang over the edges of the bed like waterfalls frozen in fabric.

The sound of computer keys clicking and the hum of the old refrigerator contend for attention in the otherwise silent apartment. Besides the writer rests the hot toddy, no longer quiet so hot, that she has been nursing for the last two hours to help fight off the soreness in her throat from the changing weather. It is the 30th of November. No other soul interrupts her work to ask her why she continues on even at that late hour. Her NaNoWriMo win has been verified nearly three hours ago, the night hangs on the cusp of the next morning, but still she writes. Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo is on the Horizon

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Dear Readers,

The last morning I spent on the deck was crisp, my mug of tea a welcome source of heat. The leaves have been turning gold and burgundy and lifting free to follow the wind. The daylight dims earlier each day, and I can see National Novel Writing Month on the horizon. I sort of figured this month I’d be too busy for down time, but I seemed to have found it despite tours, parties, and weddings already in place. September has ended and autumn has begun to settle in.

And now for the word counts. Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Wordsmiths

Blog Post #31

Dear Readers,

How’s the month been treating you? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by this month? I certainly did, but then again, I did have some interesting adventures… Continue reading


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Something Biblical

Blog Post #30

Dear Readers,

Welcome once again to another installment of I tell you about the writing I haven’t been doing but pretend to be really hopeful about my prospects because I’m editing or outlining and that counts under the same “productivity” umbrella, doesn’t it? Continue reading


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Guided by Voices

Post #29

Writers are a curious lot. Let us alone with a bit of paper and a writing tool of some sort (ink, graphite, wax) and, well, we can get into all sorts mischief. Continue reading

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Love, Hate, and the Bard

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2016-04-25 19.16.35


As a writer writing within the English language, I have always in some way or another been aware of Shakespeare. In high school I covered Macbeth a few times between various literature and drama classes. In learning to stage a fight, I played Macbeth to prove my project partner and I could in fact sword fight well enough for the stage. I never did learn to pull my blows though…I may have broken my third sword during the actual graded performance. In my English Literature class we read sonnets, touched on the fact that 10 Things I Hate About You was a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew, and watched Scotland, P.A. just to make sure I knew Macbeth. As a prop master, I watched a fellow student race out of the theater and spin three times for having mentioned The Scottish Play while we were working on The Hobbit.

I knew Shakespeare, but then again, not at all. Continue reading

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