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Motivation to Keep Writing

a.k.a. the List of the Reasons Why I Write, as told by me through the course of a year.

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So back in February 2016, I read this Tor/Forge blog post which left me reeling for literally the rest of the year with a singular question. While writing this, I had to go back and actually read the post to recall what the erst of it was actually about. Even if I had forgotten the rest of the post, it says enough of asking the right questions to know that this one stayed with me the entire year, and had, unintentionally, begun to creep up at the end of a good handful of my posts throughout the year.

Why do I write? Continue reading


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Guided by Voices

Post #29

Writers are a curious lot. Let us alone with a bit of paper and a writing tool of some sort (ink, graphite, wax) and, well, we can get into all sorts mischief. Continue reading

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Never Meet Your Heroes

2016-01-30 17.32.48

For those of you who’ve seen “The Shakespeare Code” episode of Doctor Who, you know exactly what the phrase ‘never meet your heroes’ means. People can treasure their heroes from afar, but up close, they become human, flawed. If you never meet them, they become stories, myths of your mind. I lost two of my heroes from afar in the midst of a personally difficult month. It’s left me pondering much bigger questions. Continue reading


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Two Years!

Dear Readers,

It is officially two years since I started this blog! Woo! (Cue the band and confetti throwing!) Continue reading

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“Business, Business, Business.”

I walked into my Business Law class for the first time. Knowing the class would be three hours long, I wanted to sit near someone I knew otherwise I might loose my mind. I scanned the large auditorium but recognized no one. That’s what I get for being the only writing major with a business minor. I took a seat in the center – where I’d normal sit if I were at a movie theater. About five minutes later, a fellow writing major walked in the door, spotted me, and made her way to sit beside me.

“Thank goodness. I thought I’d be the only writing major in here.”

“Me, too. I’m surprised more writers don’t minor in business. Being a writer is like running your own business.”


We smiled in shared sentiments. Continue reading

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The Shape of Time

People don’t understand time. … People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.”

It’s sort of true, isn’t it? Calendars come in a book format, but in essence they are an ouroboros. December 31st rolls into January 1st without fail, without change. The best methods I’ve seen displaying the Mayan Calendar utilized multiple interlocking wheels, like gears in a clock–our own round time displays. Maybe we’re just obsessed with a need for time to be cyclical. I need to explain where the concept of this post began: an update on my Facebook page for an anniversary. Continue reading

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I sat down in the break room of my retail gig and pulled my bright green 2” binder from my messenger bag. Over three hundred pages heavy, the binder made a sizable thump on the table. A coworker turned to me.

“Didn’t you already graduate?”


“So what’s that?”

“The novel I’m writing.”

She turns to our other coworkers.

“She says like it’s something everyone does.” Continue reading

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