Lost in Transfer

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Dear People of the Internet,

Let me just say how lovely it is to communicate with you all once again in a method I haven’t been able to enjoy for many, many weeks. On my own computer! I’m so excited to feel one step closer to my writing life goals. Speaking of goals…

I know I am more than a week behind on my regularly scheduled blogging updates (which was this year’s goal: regular schedule), but this month started off a bit rough. First, there was the 4th of July which I spent picnicking atop a parking garage just so I could have a front row seat to the annual fireworks display. I had to take pictures with the camera completely zoomed out and basically against my stomach to get the entire explosion in shot, and most of them were magically in focus! Such a highlight of that night.

Then, there is the fact I’m not going to mention the secret project I’ve been working on with Jessica B. Lamping.

After that, one the seventh I think, my new laptop arrived, and I was mired in a land of setups and data transfer. I still am, if I’m being completely honest. Even if all my data isn’t exactly as I’d like it yet (my playlists alone are gonna need a solid week of me not sleeping or working just to set them to rights again), things are functional enough to get back to work. Best of all, this laptop is finally beginning to feel like mine. Maybe it needs a name? I’ll let you know if that happens. So far I’ve only referred to it as my brand new baby as I cuddled it close or gently, so gently, set it down on table tops.

I just want it to stay shiny and perfect forever, okay???

Word Counts

So this number feels a bit shady to me just because I have literally moved different folders and copy and pasted and opened my word count file with different programs multiple times because my word count tracker has lived its life on three different computers and one external hard drive in the past four months alone. I am worried that maybe at some point I messed up the counts, either through forgetting to input them or through the repetitive file transfers. I’m not sure. But let’s look at the counts I have anyway!

So for the month of June I wrote a whopping 7,771 words from a monthly goal of 16,438. Making my percentage 47.27%. I almost reached half that month’s writing goals. Woo!

Now, for some probably depressing perspective, let’s look a the yearly word count goals. I’ve written a grand total of 38,086 words. Of the target total of 99,178 that I should have completed by the end of June. Which sets me at 38.40% of where I should be by now.

So I’m about 2/5 of where I should currently be to meet my goal of 200,000 words by the end of the year. I might be able to make it. Let’s see the distance I still have to cross.

I’ve only completed 19.04% of my goal at the half way point of the year.

That’s a lot of distance. I’m only 1/5th of the way there….

I just need to keep in mind that this month (July) I am revising like mad. If I can just keep writing a bit here and there through this month, maybe I can spend a good chunk of next month sorting out what’s left of my data issues and then try to regain as much ground as I can on the word count front. I really need to not let this end up like last year where for December I still had about 50,000 words left to write and literally no motivation to get there. I think that maybe my new goal should be to only have 50,000 words left by the end of October, so that when NaNo hits, I know with absolute certainty that I will hit my yearly goal. *crosses fingers*

Camp NaNoWriMo

So remember how in my last post I mentioned I was going to participate in Camp NaNo this year? Well guess who’s in a cabin and got sticky notes all over their walls like they’re trying to uncover some sort of multinational conspiracy? It’s this writer. I’m not lying about the Post-It notes either. I tried making index cards, but sticky notes are moveable so I can visually change up my plot line. I can also more easily add scenes as needed to fix my plot holes.

So there were a lot of things I didn’t expect when I started revising my first full length novel, Lay Me to Sleep, for Camp. I found my old binder of the first printing and realized I needed to chop thirty pages. Then, when I finally got my laptop up and running, I found I’d already started another draft in which the pages to be cut had already been deleted. Setting a writing goal was so much easier to track for all the NaNos of the past. Attempting this “revision” project has been a learning experience.

I originally set my goal at 300 pages based on the printed copy, and then had some confusion as to what I was going to do when I realized those first 30 pages were going to just go into the bin. Did I adjust my total page goal down to no longer include those pages? Did I just mark those pages as “revised” even though they were going to disappear and I didn’t really change anything on them?

I really don’t have an answer yet as to what I should do with them. Since I’ve found the plot holes, this means I have to go back and write in a few more scenes anyway, and that’s not strictly editing, and that might somehow bring my page count back up to that original 300 (if not over) and essentially makeup for the 30 pages I just scrapped outright.

I’m at day 21, and technically, I’ve still got 299 pages to revise according to my NaNo status. Oops. At least I’m known for my come back streaks, and I have some time off to get down to business. Maybe I’ll defeat some Huns. Or Puns. Or just lament my life choices where NaNo is concerned.

Wish me luck. No really. I need it. All of it. I am petrified by the number 300 now.

Love and Lighting (and hopefully all the Luck you can spare),

M. L. Trumbull


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