According to the Lore…

Okay, so my New Year’s Eve party this year a little more than nerd-tastic. I may have strung up a crossbow, watched Ant-Man, and fangirled about the sheer awesomeness that was the fight scene featured in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Have you not seen the trailer? REALLY? Do it. Do it now. For the shield. Because that part alone was sheer genius.

Excuse me while I cage my inner fangirl. Right, where were we? New Year’s Party!

Weirdest moment of the night occurred when we began discussing a live action Little Mermaid and how it would be much more like the tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Someone one backed me up by actually knowing that there was stabbing and sea foam involved in the dark original tale. We’re Fairy Tale Bros for life now. Most of the room sat a bit shock at how creepy the tale had been, and I felt like ‘wow, I really do know more about origin stories than most’.

And it made me wonder how many other people are missing out on the awesome, gritty versions of fairy tales. Are you one of these people? Don’t worry. I’ve decided I’m going to start adding a side segment once a month just to give you a taste of what you’re missing out on, what inspires and fuels a lot of my own work. Look for the future segments forever to be known as “According to the Lore”! You’re bound to jaw drop and maybe learn to talk to birds, if you know, you knew how to get a hold of a dragon.

Elsewhere on the writing front, I know I may have gone on about it in the last post, but hey, if you’re a fellow writer, maybe you should check out Svenja Gosen for a gorgeous word tracker spreadsheet! I’ve already downloaded mine, and let me tell you, Loki is beautiful creature. I am looking forward to adding in this post to my total word count. Nothing like the God of Mischief to encourage you to stir up some of your own, right? 😉

Still working out my schedule of things to do for this year, but I’m sure I’ll get there. I’m thinking of investing in a legit physical book for the purpose. I loved the ones I had in high school, and I think if I had something pretty it would keep my attention on my plots for world domination…muhahaha.

So I’ve been busy reading Business for Authors by Joanna Penn. Joanna’s proven to be such a solid resource for self-publishing that just looking at this book makes me torn between reading it and getting busy with the typing! Thanks, Joanna! This time two years ago, I probably still held notions that self-publishing was for vanity. This time last year, Joanna was slowly convincing me while I listened to her podcast in the wee hours of the morning that self-publishing was about self-expression, assembling teams of professional to create professional products, independence, and taking charge of your art. And here I am right now trying to prepare for my own adventure in self-publishing. It’s a pretty sweet turn around.

While Joanna’s books are next on my reading front, I have my novella simmering on my writing front. Honestly, titles either come easy, and I know them before I write, or I sit there and debate them eternally. The working title for this novella is, “From the Woods You Came, to the Wood You Must Return.” At least that’s what I call it to myself because I have to title it something so I can stow it away in folders on my computer.

Luckily, I finished the first draft last year, printed it, and have it all marked up in green ink. I set it aside for long enough that I think I can look at the piece objectively now. I know there are bits of lore from unusual sources that I want to touch on, as an aside, but I am well aware that there are expectations to meet when writing variations of Little Red Riding Hood tales as there are already established layers of lore to pay homage to. It’s a bit daunting, but I am approaching with the love and care of a fan. I hope that sort of devotional feel will reveal itself in the cracks between the words. Noticing how tender I am with a story of tooth and claw. Is that normal?

I have two more novellas of sorts as contenders for my attention after the LRRH novella, my NaNoWriMo project from last November still needs probably another 10,000 words to be completed, and I have another world I want to play with that opens with a novella before proceeding into a very long novel. I know that this November I am going to work on the sequel to my NaNoWriMo project, “Street Light People”. The working title for the sequel is “On the Edge of the Night”. There’s one quarter of my yearly goal of 200,000 words I don’t have to worry about! Just, you know, 150k more to go. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.

Right, so once more before it gets old, Happy New Year! Are you excited? Are you ready? Nope? Neither am I, but let’s go!

Love and Lighting,

-M. L. Trumbull


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