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Never Meet Your Heroes

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For those of you who’ve seen “The Shakespeare Code” episode of Doctor Who, you know exactly what the phrase ‘never meet your heroes’ means. People can treasure their heroes from afar, but up close, they become human, flawed. If you never meet them, they become stories, myths of your mind. I lost two of my heroes from afar in the midst of a personally difficult month. It’s left me pondering much bigger questions. Continue reading



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According to the Lore…

Okay, so my New Year’s Eve party this year a little more than nerd-tastic. I may have strung up a crossbow, watched Ant-Man, and fangirled about the sheer awesomeness that was the fight scene featured in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Have you not seen the trailer? REALLY? Do it. Do it now. For the shield. Because that part alone was sheer genius.

Excuse me while I cage my inner fangirl. Right, where were we? New Year’s Party! Continue reading

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The Road So Far…

*cues “Carry on My Wayward Son”*

Yeah, we’re here again. Another year done and over, and I’m wondering what I have to show for it on the writing facet of my life. I looked back at the massive gap in my posting schedule, and while I found the nearly seven month gap depressing, I noted that in Two Years! I’d written ten blog posts in this past year. Accounting for the two I’ve written since then, my total stands at twelve. While most of those were posted at the beginning of year, one a month isn’t the worse average. Even the little reminder that I had listened to hundreds of writing and self-publishing podcasts astounded me because to be honest, I had completely forgotten that. The hours I work shifted from super early, to relatively normal. While it did wonders for the amount of sleep I average a night (November aside), it cut out the four or so hours a week I could invest in podcast listening. I suppose the computer issues I had with ZJ did little to aid in my attempt to keep my Ipod up-to-date with the latest content. Continue reading

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