Two Years!

Dear Readers,

It is officially two years since I started this blog! Woo! (Cue the band and confetti throwing!)

A lot has changed in the two years since I started this up (Years? Why does the age of my blog make me feel old by just adding an ‘s’?). My only goal at the time was really to start getting serious about becoming a published writer, but I didn’t exactly know what the heck I was doing. I mean, I took classes, and I know how to write and how to critically analyze a work of literature, but “getting published” was this murky territory we never really talked about except to be prepared to be rejected. A lot. When this blog began, I only updated sporadically, and I kept undermining myself about getting stories done.

I did write the complete first draft of a novel, but after rereading it, realized I missed the ball on some things. I set the four hundred and some odd page manuscript aside because I was just too intimidated to try and rip it apart and put it all back together again. I knew I could never publish without it being “complete” and my life as a writer stagnated.

But when I finally decided I needed to post regularly to give my audience something worth reading, I found that one decision changed a lot for me. By now, I think you have noticed that I’ve added a lot of content about what I am doing. And conversely, knowing I need to post regularly about the things I am doing has forced me to make sure I get something done so I have something to report. It’s nice to have everyone who reads this help keep me accountable and focused on making time for writing.

The things I have done in order to make sure I can report something back to you my Dear Readers has impressed even me. At times I get down on myself and believe I should do more, but I often forget to give myself a pat on the back for what I did get done and really celebrate it. This is an overview of what I have accomplished since I decided to post regularly and make sure to produce something I am proud to share with others. (Yes, it is the return of the ever dreaded listing!)

  • This is the 20th post I have written for my blog.
  • Ten of those were written and posted this year.
  • I have written a 30 page short story that puts my spin on the classic tale of Little Red Ridding Hood.
  • I made the decision to side-step that line for repetitive rejection and attempt self publishing.
  • I have listened to hundreds of self publishing podcasts.
  • I finally found the courage to look back at what I have done wrong with my first manuscript and start fearlessly tearing it to pieces.

So Dear Readers, I want to thank you. Take a bow and pat yourselves on the back! Without you, I would not have found the motivation to keep going and make all these things happen. I appreciate every view, every comment, every like, and every share. I hope you guys stick with me and keep supporting me with comments and views and likes and shares until I can give you a link to prove that I am a published author.

Thank you Dear Readers! We’re been at this for two years, and it feels like this party is still just beginning!

Love and Lightning and Two Years of Gratitude,



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