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White Boards

Dear Readers,

Do you know that saying about going back to the drawing board? I am one of those people. I go back to the drawing board. Often. Why? Because that is where I start. Continue reading


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Wanderings in Wonderland

Hello again dear readers!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all as excited about Spring as I am! No? Oh well. Your loss. I’ve already spent two nights outside eating things that have been grilled. I have had fire, and I am pleased.

Right, so I probably should talk about my writing front, shouldn’t I? Well, (in Ten’s voice mind you), I haven’t been doing much writing as much as I have been doing research. So for those of you who couldn’t quite put the pieces together after that last post, I am in fact writing a small something based off of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The story is mostly a dream I had a while back, maybe a year ago? At any rate, I have to explain why I am doing research. To those who know me, it will come at a very great surprise, but until last year I had not read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and it wasn’t until the past two weeks that I read Through the Looking Glass.

My fascination with that series began slowly. I watched the Disney version as a child, and mostly it scared me. I do remember watching an episode or two of the live action television series as well. In the spring of 2007, I went with a group to a masquerade, each of us as different Wonderland characters. I was the Queen of Hearts. The main reason I own the 2010 live action version of Alice is simply because I enjoy Burton’s films. The following Halloween, I dressed as the Hatter entirely with things from my closet. I only had to borrow a pair of boots and purchase the actual hat. I wore that outfit twice that fall, and nearly won a costume contest for it. By 2013, the enjoyment of the series led to my birthday celebration being a mad tea party. Then finally last year I began to read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and dreamed the dream that would lead to this story I am currently writing.

The one I am writing right now is a short story based directly on the dream I had, but there is a longer story that follows this short. It was that longer story that I started last year, technically, right about the time I read AAiW. It was odd. I wrote it so much differently than anything else I have written. I moved from whichever scene I finished to whichever scene my brain jumped to next with no sense of time. I jumped from the beginning to the end to the middle and back again. I wrote as if in a trance. I wrote long verses in rhyme. I felt very much like the Hatter during that writing process. Time refused to work with me.

But here we are, nearly a full year later, and I am finally getting to the prequel short story. Obviously, for me, beginnings come at the end. My wanderings in Wonderland have proven to be yet another ouroboros. Understanding that in order to write the story properly I must know the full extent of the source material, I decided to read Through the Looking Glass (only after having written some 50 pages of my own story, I should note). I downloaded the free copy to my new smart phone to read during my work breaks, the first of the many writing related uses I shall have for that device. Flipping through and taking notes, I kept waiting to hit a snag. I patiently waded through the material anxious for the scene which I suspected to find that would literally over turn all the ideas and plans I had made for my own Alice based series. I am on page 174 of 220 and have yet to encounter that scene. In fact, the more I read, the more I find that the source material which I had never read before supported and furthered my own plots. I kept marking scenes that I wanted to refer back to later, highlighting quotes that would be used in later arguments between characters.

I started this story and then went backwards into the source material. I am not sure but I am beginning to wonder if my memory, like the White Queen’s, works both backward as well as forwards. It would explain why I haven’t yet contradicted the source material in my own ramblings. I enjoy reading the books, and the more I read them, I found more layers hidden there than I expected to find. Maybe I am reading far too much into it, but my madness feels quiet at home in Wonderland.

Love and Lightning,



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