What’s Next?

Dear Readers,

I’ve finished the first draft of my first short story! Huzzah!

The weather has finally (finally!) turned, and finally there is warmth, and it is bright. I feel very active and ready to take on the world…once I figure out where to start. I set aside my first story to rest it, but I still have to keep writing. In the time that it’s resting, I can have another work done. Then maybe by ‘month 3’ of this process I can have one short in progress, one at rest, and a third in edits while I keep up on the blog posts and everything else. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over all my writing ideas and wondering, ‘which one next?’ It’s sort of overwhelming to have all these choices in front of me.

This moment in time is for me what to others might be like staring at a blank page. I never quiet found that situation as intimidating as others say it is. I love blank pages. Some times finding a blank page or opening Word or grabbing a napkin cannot be done quickly enough. I jump headlong into blank pages. I suppose what I truly find intimidating is the choice. I’m so used to just writing whatever my teachers requested or whenever the mood struck that now that I am attempting to keep to my self-imposed goals of #2PagesADay I almost need to take the time not only to make a list of the short stories that I want to write, but a new list of the order in which I want to write them, possibly on a calendar to keep myself accountable. I might eventually post that list just so that you all can join in and encourage me to keep that schedule. I do so enjoy my lists.

As important as relying on each other for motivation is, maybe what I need to keep in mind is the finish line. In the wake of the passing of two great names in the Kingdom of Geeks, I look to them, especially Pratchett, and feel a bit more keenly the need to die empty. Maybe having that list with all my writing ideas and remembering daily that I only have one life in which to write them so that those who might enjoy them can actually read them would be a better reminder. I do not have the Cloak of Invisibility. I am not immune to my end.

I admit that I have been a bit lax in keeping to my goals these past two weeks. Everyone, I feel, gets a bit lax with work when we can keenly feel the seasons change and find that chance to grill dinner outside (as I might have done this week), or when there is the new Cinderella movie to see, or when there are multiple holidays so close (birthdays, Pi Day, St. Pat’s day), or they finally have the chance to upgrade to a smart phone and all writing halts in order to research which type of phone would work best to meet all one’s writing needs. Not that any of those reasons are excuses. I just need to learn to budget my time better and write more in the coming weeks so that at the next check-in I can tell you how I was doubly productive. Maybe my phone has an app for that…

At any rate, I did track down that list of stories I wanted to write. I don’t know how it mysteriously disappeared from my computer, but luckily I’d emailed a copy to my beta! So very lucky. I ran down the list and literally decided in that one read through which story would suit me best for my next project. It is a sequel to an already written, out of copyright, and much beloved children’s story. I am pretty certain it will remain in the realm of “short”, but it might go either way. I have much to ponder over while I brain storm the rest of the plot. While I can tell you for sure that I know how it ends, I cannot tell you how it begins. I will work very hard to uncover the beginning as I once received some very good advice from a king that when it comes to stories one should “begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.” Let’s hope I do manage to find my way for I think that I have gone a bit mad. Have you ever gone a bit mad? Maybe, we’re all mad here.

Love and Lightning,



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