Step One, or Fifth, or Sixteen Hundred

Dear readers,

I feel like I basically just announced, “Hey, look at me! I’m going to be an Indie Author!” and then vanished. I promise I didn’t. Nope. I’ve been busy doing real life stuff. Did I tell you I work six days a week? Yeah. Despite this, I’ve been managing to keep up on my daily page count of 2 pages! So I missed a day or two, but even Mr. B recognizes it is important and has been a great help in reminding me to do it.

In other news, I thought I should share with you guys a thing I did. I took my next step in part of my “Be an Indie Author” plan! Well, it’s the first step, technically, unless we’re counting announcing it as the first step, and maybe we should. At any rate, yes, steps were taken whether they be first, fifth, or sixteen hundredth. Better than no steps at all, I say.

So part of my plan was to produce a handful of good solid stories this year. They maybe novel length, they may be shorter novelettes. (I’m hoping to lean toward the novelettes, but I’d be okay with novella. We’ll see how the word count pans out.) Knowing this, I sat down with my spiral bound notebook, the cheap kind I’ve used since elem, and wrote down a list of all the ideas I have had brewing in the back of my mind. Which, oddly enough, when I looked at them all lumped together as they were, I discovered that they were in fact all things I had dreamed. All six or seven of them. This is how my brain works. Creepy dreams are my story fodder.

Right. So I went down the list, back when I had like five or six, and just knew that one piece of story fodder was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Half way through a shift at work, I remembered what it was, promptly forgot again, and then recalled once more. I hope your memory isn’t as slippery as mine can be. Looking these ideas over at my desk, I knew I really wanted my first published work to say something about me as a writer, the definitive tone setting for my work and views. I know in five years I won’t care so much about that importance as I do now, but I really want that first one to resonate with me on a personal level. At any rate, I sent the list off to my Beta. We talked about them. I looked them over again and decided, yes, that last addition was the story for me.

Sometime in the next year, I hope to publish a little fiction based on Little Red Ridding Hood.

Of all the fairy tale of European origin, I’ve always preferred LRRH. Why? I’m honestly not sure what it is I love so much about that tale. Maybe it was the fact that Disney never touched it to brighten the lights on it. It’s still as dark and scary as it should be. Fairy Tales were made to instruct humans on how to be good people, how to do the right thing, and to know to fear the things in the woods. I feel like that fear is there still even though the version that most know includes the huntsman.

That’s not my preferred version though. In the one I like best there was no last minute save by the huntsman, no dues ex machina. Red and Granny got gobbled and that, ladies and gentlemen, was the end of the story. If you were a child, it was frightening enough to make you tread that path exactly, pretty flowers for grandmother and whispering wolves be damned.

I still don’t have a title for this work as yet, but I have the story outline mostly done (I did already dream it after all), barring a few details around the climax. But I know me and my twisted works, and I’m sure it will all come out alright. I can’t wait for you to read it. Until then, if you’re curious, interested, or just bored, you can check out my Pinterest inspiration board on LRRH which is sure to explode over the next week.

Love and Lightning,




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