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Step One, or Fifth, or Sixteen Hundred

Dear readers,

I feel like I basically just announced, “Hey, look at me! I’m going to be an Indie Author!” and then vanished. I promise I didn’t. Nope. I’ve been busy doing real life stuff. Did I tell you I work six days a week? Yeah. Despite this, I’ve been managing to keep up on my daily page count of 2 pages! So I missed a day or two, but even Mr. B recognizes it is important and has been a great help in reminding me to do it. Continue reading



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Pick Your Poison

Sometimes we all have days. You know. One of those days. The really bad days. Days that make you want to return to “broken” bad habits, destroy worlds, and ugly sob. Days when emotional turmoil collides with unfortunate things at work and tumble into the small things that the people you love let happen. Days when you hit your final straw. Continue reading

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