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Today Let’s Throw Caution to the Wind and Be Unappologetically Ourselves

Dear Readers,

With a little help from my friends, I’ve come to realize that this blog sounds a lot like something Sherlock would post. While the idea of going “yes, this list will be in that book on writing I will write,” this format is only working for me. I like having those list posts to say, “Right, that was such a fabulous idea, Meg. You really need to have more fabulous ideas. Of course, maybe not as fabulous as Thranduil, otherwise the world will explode.” What this all boils down to, kids, is that I need to stop blogging like Sherlock and blog like John. I need to get away from this stiff sounding person, this face I feel like I have to wear for people to understand I know what I’m doing, and sound like the me I used to be okay with using in my writing. I want you to know my “whimsy”, my delirium, and my rambling when in doubt. And doubt, dear readers, is what brings me to today’s post. Continue reading


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“Business, Business, Business.”

I walked into my Business Law class for the first time. Knowing the class would be three hours long, I wanted to sit near someone I knew otherwise I might loose my mind. I scanned the large auditorium but recognized no one. That’s what I get for being the only writing major with a business minor. I took a seat in the center – where I’d normal sit if I were at a movie theater. About five minutes later, a fellow writing major walked in the door, spotted me, and made her way to sit beside me.

“Thank goodness. I thought I’d be the only writing major in here.”

“Me, too. I’m surprised more writers don’t minor in business. Being a writer is like running your own business.”


We smiled in shared sentiments. Continue reading

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